Foresight Methods

‘Most strategies and innovations fail because they get the future wrong!’

Genuine foresight methods improve your ability to detect emerging trends and foresee disruptive change.

These methods include:

Environmental Scanning - Why the future will be different

Environmental scanning detects the sources and signals of future industry change.

The superficial nature of most industry data ensures that these subtle, yet significant drivers of change are rarely identified in mainstream information. Consequently their potential impact is either dismissed or goes undetected. Until it’s too late!

Scenario Planning - How the future might be different

Scenarios re-create your industry in the future.

They allow you to understand the attitudes, behaviours and needs of your customers in the future, providing the foundation for strategy and innovation development.

Backcasting - How the future might unfold

Backcasting links the future back to today.

This provides a timeline of events into the future which acts as a pathway for your future strategy and innovation implementation.

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