Stategic Foresight

'Planning and Innovation based on the future'

Strategic Foresight is an approach to planning and innovation that addresses the two critical concerns of every business:

• How might our future business environment be different?

• What are our strategic options to succeed in these futures?

This significant difference - working back from the future, as opposed to projecting forward from the present - enables you to break out from the shackles of today’s conventions and foresee unique developments that are not obvious to your competitors.

Only after understanding how the attitudes, behaviours and needs of your customers might be different in the future, can an organisation begin to successfully plan for tomorrow.

In a world where most of your competitors receive the same information from the same sources on the same day, your ability to generate different, more accurate images of your industry’s future is the greatest asset you can have.

This is why Business Foresight is the next frontier for corporate planning and innovation. Could you benefit from applying foresight?