Steve tailors each of his speeches to the specific needs of his audience and can develop a presentation for your business on Emerging Social & Consumer Trends, or Planning & Innovating for the Future.

Emerging Social & Consumer Trends

Business success is linked to your ability to adapt to today’s trends, and identify the trends of tomorrow.

Steve’s presentation focuses on the evolving values of Australians and how these changes are re-shaping every aspect of our lifestyles including commuting, housing, employment, consumption, and where we choose to live!

In revealing the significant trends shaping the future of your industry, Steve covers the following areas:

Customers & Consumers
The changing attitudes, behaviours and needs of your future customers.

Employees & Employment
The different employment policies required to attract and retain a new generation of employees.

Products & Brands
The different and deeper questions that consumers will ask of products & brands in the future.

How changing attitudes to the environment are influencing our lifestyle choices

The changing and unexpected role that technology will play in our lives.


Planning & Innovating for the Future

This presentation starts from the following premise:

1. Planning and innovating for the future is the #1 challenge for every business.
2. All businesses want to improve the way they think about, and innovate for the future.
3. Very few businesses know how.

To address these needs, Steve presents a logical foresight approach that de-mystifies the challenges of the future, and provides the audience with genuine tools for improving their future performance.

The following topics are covered during this presentation:

The Folly of Forecasts
Common mistakes in planning & innovating for the future

The Drivers of Change
Detecting the signals that precede disruptive change

Laws for Future Thinking
How to think about your industry’s future

Future Tools for your Business
Essential methods and techniques to improve planning and innovation

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