‘Successful innovation requires an original insight’

Scenarios are the most effective method for generating original insights into the future.

Steve collaborates with clients to generate industry scenarios that illuminate innovation opportunities.

Generating Creative Innovation

The fundamental learning from consistent innovation failure, or a culture of ‘me-too’ or incremental innovation, is that it’s hard to foresee opportunities when your ideas are ‘anchored in the present’.

Future scenarios help you to break out of today’s thinking by providing a different, future context from which you can assess innovation opportunities.

This new perspective enables you to see your industry anew – to foresee how consumer attitudes, behaviours, wants and needs might be different in the future.

And it’s from this basis that transformational innovation becomes possible.

Most significant, this future perspective is unique to your organisation – it’s the key to ongoing strategic advantage.

This is why future scenarios are the ultimate vehicle for creative innovation

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